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Graphic Design & Illustration

From paper to digital, I have learned how to combine my love for hand-drawn elements with graphic design.




I was 1 of 700 artists that contributed a still in Crumb's music video for "AMAMA" after entering an open call for artist contributions by the band. (2024)

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 1.32.42 AM.png

For Women's History Month, I was commissioned by Saint Alfred, a lifestyle shop in Chicago. The logo was used on flowers to give out to women during the month of March. (2022)


'Con Amor' was a sticker campaign created by myself and fellow artist Shiloah Coley. To raise funds for a 1-year old in need of surgery, we decide to sell stickers to help. We made over $1,000 in sales and all the proceeds went to the baby's surgery. (2021)